Friday, January 16, 2009

Green machine is back!!

I somehow managed to loose my Kitchen Aid Cash o' meter among other things. So I have finally added it back to my blog. I have now a total of $251.00 yeah not bad since September. However, I have been naughty and already purchased the machine (I don't physically have it). I got a special deal (had to have it) and since then the Kitchen Aid mixer has now gone up $100 so I have convinced myself I have done the right thing!

My gorgeous Apple green Kitchen Aid mixer is at my mum and dad's house, in a box. It arrived a few days before Christmas. I haven't even opened it to see the colour, my husband did though! and told me I will regret the colour in a years time. I may not earn it until a years time anyway. It's the biggest joke at my house. My mum keeps suggesting she tries it out, just to make sure it works!! ha, ha.

So everytime a purchase is made through my shop, party plan or market, 5% of the profit will go towards my green machine. So I had better get back to work ..................

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our shabby cottage said...

I think your husband may be right!!!


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