Monday, February 13, 2012

Lego Party

I have finally gotten around to sharing Tyler's 5th Birthday Party with you. His theme was 'Lego' which was well chosen. We decorated our newly rented house as best as we could, with lego colours, we even found a tent in the shed to fill up with lego for the children to build their towers. A great way to keep Lego contained and children thought it was a little hide out. 

I planned at least 10 party games for the children, typical teacher planned way too many activities. The children really just enjoyed playing in the sandpit, building with lego, riding bikes, drawing chalk on the concrete and  totem tennis. I couldn't believe it. Yes the children entertained themselves!!They didn't need jumping castles, farm animals, face painters and all of the other entertainment activities that we seem to think they many need. We didn't get through all of our activities because they were busy having fun. 

We did include the typical typical party games with Pin the smile on the 'Lego Man', that was a hit, pass the parcel and this was wrapped with a little lolly watch in every wrap so everyone got a prize (didn't want to upset anyone). I found that wrapping each layer in a different paper certainly helped distinguish layers when unwrapping. 

We brought out our bubble machine and the children loved to dance to this and a scavenger hunt at the end, with children finding a small parcel, bringing it back to me and I gave them their take home party bag. The party bag was a red noodle box with a lego sticker on the front and filled with bubbles, balloons and lollies. I forgot to take a photo of these, the day went so fast, that is the one thing I regret not taking enough photos.

 I was asked if I could make the Lego cake again, even though I tried to talk Tyler into different coloured cupcakes with a Lego topper but his mind was made up and now I think he definitely made the right choice. The lego cake was made up of 4 layers, each a different colour and marshmallow for the lego bumps on top. I put this cake on a lego board to stick with the theme. We had layered coloured jelly, fruit platters, cake pops, rocky road, golf balls and coloured lollies (lego colours). Our food was simple but popular with the children. As it was a late afternoon tea party we didn't have any hot food and it was such a hot day, the rocky road was lucky to have survived the afternoon. 

The children had a ball which is the most important thing, it makes the bags under the eyes and messy kitchen worth it.

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