Friday, February 3, 2012

How cool would it be to wake up to this on your birthday? I found this photo after Tyler's birthday of course.  Have to remember this for next year. 

Tyler woke up to a treasure map at the end of his bed. Poor boy, he did find it difficult to follow due to my mapping skills. He found marked at each  'x' there was present wrapped for him and there were 6 of these so we had one very excited 5 year old. With the best present left till last of course.

We spent the morning at 'Fun Bugs' a kids indoor activity place, home for lunch and a rest before going out to dinner. When I questioned why he chose a particular restaurant he told me the service was quick. Wow! The expectations of a 5 year old these days, has certainly changed. 

Off to the zoo tomorrow with friends  and that concludes Tyler's week long party and a rest for mum and dad. 

Have a great weekend 

Image via pinterest 


Kerrie said...

Happy Birthday Tyler and thanks for the idea Hayley. I'll be blowing some ballons for Jamies doorway.
Have a great weekend - K

Midgee Moo said...

Thanks Kerrie. Great idea, hope Jamie gets a huge surprise.


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