Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun with Names

We are having a lot of fun at the moment with the alphabet. With Tyler being so interested in how to spell words and names, this easy activity was perfect. A great way to introduce names and teach children how to spell their own name.

All you need is a slip of paper and write people names or words. I wrote everyone's name in our family including teddies. Using a magnetic board (or cookie tray) and magnetic letters, he was able to copy the name using the magnetic letters. The letters can be placed either on the strip or below the strip.

You can make it challenging by putting lowercase and uppercase letters out together or simplify by finding the correct letters needed for the name so they don't need to search through all the letters. This activity was so fun I was asked to write many other names.

After the huge effort Tyler put in and lots of claps from his little brother he enjoyed a well earned morning tea.

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