Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sprucing Up

The boys are in desperate need of new decorating in their bedrooms. I am trying to find a nice bedspread for Tylers room with stars and stripes in blues, whites and reds and this is proving harder than I thought. Even though he won't give up his current bed spread which is quite daggy and doesn't fit the doona properly. Tyler has a queen size bed, yes I know only aged 5 with a queen bed. We had to give up the guest bedroom but kept the bed and Tyler was very happy to score this one. The down side to this is when people stay Tyler has to give up his bed. So finding a children queen size doona isn't the easiest. I was wondering that if I got myself into order I may have to sew up one with patchwork pieces. As much as I love sewing I don't quite have to room to execute this. If it were for a girls room, there would be no dilemma.

I found a picture of these stunning floor pillows that would look gorgeous as opposed to a beanbag. Then it's the lampshade, bunting, floor rug. Where does it end? Needing ideas, I guess it's another excuse for me to buy a heap of house magazines (any excuse really).  What sorts of boys bedroom themes other than cars, dinosaurs and animals are there?

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