Monday, September 5, 2011

Newspaper Alphabet Sorting Activity

A very simple alphabet activity that I thought I would try with Tyler. He knows his alphabet letters but this was just a little fun.

You will need:
Magazines or newspapers
A4 or A3 paper


Using magazines or newspapers cut out a range of letters, it doesn't matter if you have more than one of the same letter. Your child may even help cut, finding letters is also fun.

Draw two circles onto the paper (trace a plate to make it easier) and overlap the circles to make a Venn Diagram as shown.

Label the diagram, straight edge letters, curvy letters and in the middle are both curvy and straight.

Now, sort out the letters into their appropiate groups and glue them down.

This activity is great for letter recognition, Uppercase and lowercase recognition, fine motor skills and sorting. Also great activity to sort numbers, pictures, animals.

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