Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wallpaper Collage`

We were recently given a whole book of wallpaper samples. Tyler said that we can rip them up and use them to make a picture. Fabulous idea!

I was asked to draw a car, now the great illustrator that I am, drew a bubble car, ripped up the wall paper , very theraputic for me I must say.

While this was happening I gave some of the ripped wallpaper to Baxter and he loved feeling the different textures, which turned out to be a great sensory activity, who would have thought wallpaper was so fun!

After the car was completely covered, I cut out it out and glued it onto blue cardboard. Tyler created the rest of the scene with leftover cardboard and wallpaper.

We love the result, true art, who needs Picasso art when we have art like this. This one is begging to be framed. Just have to wait until we make a trip to my favourite store Ikea for some more frames (any excuse really).
You can get wallpaper samples from either a curtain shop or paint shop, I am sure they would be more than happy to pass off their old samples.

Try it and feel free to share your little's one artwork with us.

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