Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Shipping!!

We have been feeling a bit sick over here, hence the absence from blogging. My little ones have been kindly sharing their germs, doesn't help when I smother them with kisses and cuddles though.

To our delight when a rather large parcel was dropped off we all forgot that we had headaches, aching bodies and sniffles and excitedly opened this large box to find super cool new Melissa & Doug toys, which are now available at Midgee Moo.

This Melissa & Doug Car Carrier seems to be the favourite with Tyler.

Although Baxter is only 15 months, he has taken a liking to this Latch board. There is nothing like opening and shutting doors and attempting to lock them. I was just surprised that he could sit still in the same spot for so long.

Although we have had this Stamp & Sort Mailbox before, I didn't really get a chance to play with them because they ran out the door before I could get a chance. We have them in stock again and this is my favourite. A great role play toy that allows children to put the stamps on their letters, postcards and work out which slot they belong in. Wait for the postie to open up the box with his special keys and find out whose got mail. This will entertain children and adults for hours.

We are offering Free Shipping to all orders over $25.00. for 2 days only. No codes (or other discounts apply )just choose free shipping in checkout.
Offer Closes Friday 23rd September at midnight.

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