Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meal Planning

After having a wonderful holiday in Queensland with my family I have found it hard to find the time to write on our blog.

It seemed that in the few days of coming back, life through us right back into it. My little one had minor surgery and appointments following this and then somehow we have kinder and afternoon sleeps  in between (not for me). When did we get so busy? Being at home with the kids is definitely not all about socialising and going out for coffees. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

One thing I knew I needed to get on top of was my meal planning. I usually  flick through recipe books and pick out some new recipes to try and always plan for some of the usual quick meals that are great for swimming lesson nights. I have found planning on a meal planner pad with a magnetic back is quite easy and visual

 When we were away I did not cook one meal. Lucky me, but now I have it difficult to get back into it after being so spoilt.  I find myself looking into the freezer for inspiration or end up at the supermarket buying everything  I really didn't need. 

I came across this super blog created by organised mums called 'The Creative Mama' . These fabulous mums share their great ideas on how they organise their households from meal planning to creating a guest basket. I love this  Meal Planning board, great idea, this one will certainly be on my to do list. 

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