Monday, January 9, 2012

Mint Play Dough

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We did, catching up with friends and getting exercise, goodness knows I need it after the Christmas feast, it went for a whole week. 

Today we decided to have a 'stay home' day. The last few weeks have been hectic for kids with Christmas and New Years, spending time with our families and lots of driving. Although we have loved every minute are now back at home and slowly getting back into routine. 

Surrounded by so many new toys it was nice to take a break and make a batch of play dough and just have fun. However I did lash out over the holidays and buy an expensive frypan and what was the first thing I cooked in it? Play dough of course and it cooked well I must say. 

We created a mint flavoured play dough with added peppermint flavouring so little Baxter would have enjoyment smelling, touching, looking and feeling his creations. 


lil' red said...

looks like heaps of fun, and what a fabulous colour!!! btw, if you want to use your fancy frypan for other things (hehe), you can easily make playdough without cooking it - just use boiling water in place of the tap water and mix it together in a bowl (or get your kitchenaid to do it like i do!!). it works a treat!

Midgee Moo said...

Thank you the tip, I will definately try this next time. Save the frypan for eatible meals. My kitchenaid lives a good workout!


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