Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wicked Wednesday

"Yes I am helping mummy, this is how you stir"

So I, like many others start the week with a healthy eating plan. Trying to eat fruit for snacks, drink plenty of water and eat serve 3 balanced meals. I get to Wednesday and I need a sugar fix! Now named 'Wicked Wednesday'. I open up the cupboard and desperate to eat anything that contains sugar, even baking choc chips look tasty.

I finally gave in and Little Midgee and I made a chocolate cake. Well I made it and Little Midgee assisted with licking the spoon at the end. He was not very happy when I placed the cake into the hot oven. I was told me to "turn oven off and eat cake". If only baking was that easy!

I am hanging out for this cake too, which is still cooking. Pretty sure that this will cure my sugar fix, however Little Midgee doesn't know he will only be getting a slither.

P.S So you like my apple green kitchen aid in the background? That is my other baby which I finally received through my cash -o -meter.

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