Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally A Routine We Can Stick To!

We are so excited here at Midgee Moo! We have a fantastic new product which I cannot rave enough about, Magnetic Rewards, Routines and Piggy Bank charts created from the innovative Little Billies.

These are valuable parenting tools that will benefit every child and parents too. Children respond well to routine, it makes them feel secure to know what is happening next or at least supposed to happen! While also teaching children how to become flexible and adapt to change.

Little Billies have created these fabulous magnetic routine charts that are available in either morning, evening, day or for the week, with a whole range of magnetic activities provided (so clever). Great for toddlers to school age children as they engage the children and assist mum/dad with the weekly plan.

Reward charts (yay!) are another fabulous product in the Little Billies range. They that are suited for a variety of age groups with magnet pictures depicting the reward e.g sharing.

Teaching the value of money has never been easier than with the Little Billies Piggy Banks. These visual aids help parents to teach their children the value of money without having to rummage through the house to find coins or simply use them as a reward system.

The best news is that they can be found here at Midgee Moo.

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