Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make Bath Time Fun!

Little Midgee went through a stage where he was afraid to have a bath, screamed because there was peices fluff in the bath! So to overcome this, we put in food colouring, which not only disguised the pieces of 'fluff' but took his mind off the bath and become to enjoy it. It was also easy to clean and doesn't stain the skin.
Now having gone through every colour and mixed colours, Little Midgee again began to loose interest in the bath. So I introduced 'Wayne' and told Little Midgee that he also needs a bath, so to his surprise Wayne's red spots disapear in the warm water, thinking he has been washed. Well it's working and we are now asking for baths. Thats a first! Available at Midgee Moo.

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