Monday, August 1, 2011

Pyjama Day

We had a very relaxing weekend with family. My sister and her boyfriend came visit, arriving just in time to pick up Tyler from kinder. What a gorgeous surprise he got, he couldn't contain his excitement when my sister walked in the door.

The weekend was full of cooking, chatting, playing and lots of laughter. By the time Sunday arrived, Tyler decided he was going to have a pyjama day. I suppose you can get away with this when you are 4. He was having a great time. I took a photo of my relaxed little man fixing his car with his tools.

Well he got his way until lunch time, I couldn't bear him in his pj's anymore. We really only let him do this when he isn't well. I am mean, I know but on a beautiful day, I wanted him dressed and running around outside getting fresh air and you don't do that in your pyjama's or do you?

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