Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still Cooking Hot Cross Buns

I know Easter has been and gone months ago but when you have a got craving for 'hot cross buns' in the middle of winter, well you have to make them.  What better way to fill the tummy and feel warm inside then eating scrumptious hot cross buns hot out of the oven. I know you may be frowning at me but we did make this quite special.

After years of buying my hot cross buns from the bakery only to get them home, heat them and 5 mins later they are all gone. I decided there must be easy recipe that I could find, so then I can have a never ending supply of hot cross buns (sounds great doesn't it?)

Anyway during my late night blog reads I came across an easy recipe that allows you either choose the bread maker version or the hand mix version. This recipe is courtesy of Sandra from the $120 Food Challenge Blog.

Her recipe is so easy and I will admit, I did take the easy option by using my bread machine. I figured well I do have one so I had better put it to good use. The recipe on her blog has a printout option too which is quite handy.

This is a great recipe to get children involved. Tyler had a ball rolling his hot cross buns and marking them with an 'x' .

The smell of the hot cross buns went through the whole house, I am suprised the neighbours didn't turn up with an empty basket. We made 16 of these and to my surprise after a feed at morning tea and lunch there are still some left. See, I did say they were a never ending supply.

Did you notice there is one missing? Of course it had to be tested!

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