Monday, April 18, 2011

Motherly Inspiration

We all love to take photos of our littlies, capturing their smiles, milestones and their innocence. One mother by the name of Adele Enerson has taken baby snapshots to a whole new level. It was sister who sent me the link to her blog and I was just blown away by these photos that she took of her beautiful daughter 'Mila' hence the blog name 'Mila's Daydreams'.

Adele has gone to great lengths to create differents scenes, using her daughter as the subject, while she is asleep. They are amazing, so amazing that Adele has turned these photos into a book. Please take a look at her blog, you will be blown away.

I have not produced any photos of Adele's work as she has strongly requested for her work not to be reproduced and I respect her wishes.

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