Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bento Box

After going to our 4 year old kinder orientation day, we discovered that our normal day out lunch box just won't cut it. So off to look for a new lunch box. I have to find something cool apparently. This would seem a pretty easy thing to find. I mean, it's a box isn't it. Well apparently no, no, it's more than that. 

The box needs to be insulated, have separate components so food doesn't mix and go soggy, look smart but cool, leak proof because we can't have juice running through the kinder bag and most importantly it needs to fit into the kinder bag. 

So with this checklist, I came across some really cool lunch boxes. I wanted one for myself by the end. Now which one to choose......

The lego bento box 

This one is a ceramic noodle bowl, rather cute but impractical for our situation. 

Bento Cube Transparent. This is my pick but it looks quite big. 

I didn't realise how cute some of these lunch boxes and I am really confused. Maybe Tupperware? 

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