Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday Inspiration

We are getting ready to celebrate Tyler's 5th birthday.  He told me he wants a Lego theme party. That sounded pretty doable until I googled 'Lego Party'. Biggest mistake ever!

 My mouth fell open! The parties these mums put on for their kids are amazing. With the amount of effort, I should have started this party 8 months ago. I know that I won't be able to match these parties unless I hired a party planner and that won't be happening. 

It's not just the fancy food, with matching labels, it is the way it is presented. Im sure a food stylist has had some influence here.  

The decorations are all perfectly matched, down to the party bags. They aren't just filled with lollies anymore. They seem to have specially made items or food, for example I came across one party that had cookies iced as lego men and placed in cellophane and matching hangers, aaahhhh!

I would share some of these amazing party photos with you.

I love the rainbow party above, it certainly has Lego colours. 

This was created by Maureen for her son from Anders Ruff , take a look here to see more of her party. 

Or Hostess with the Mostesses party for her son Skyler. 

So what do you think? Super effort by all of these mums. I am not showing Tyler these photos, I can't have him getting high expectations now can I? I think the best thing for me to do is close the computer and create my own party. 

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