Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back To School

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I wish all of the children and parents the best of  luck today. It can be quite an emotional day especially when the little ones are off to experience their first year of school. Teachers are exceptionally understanding when dealing with emotions from both children and parents. 

As a teacher, I had many parents shed a tear as they watch their little ones hang up their bag and say goodbye. Most of the time the children were excited to be at school and telling their parents to leave. It was the parents who didn't want to leave. Now being a parent  I totally understand how they were feeling. 

Next year, it will be my turn and my stomach churns just at the thought of sending my first born off to school. We are off to 4 year old kinder this year and he has already told me he is happy not be going to school because he gets to spend more time with me, 'ahhh'. I am certainly not complaining because I know I will never get this chance again once he goes to school.

Today is a very special day for my boy, he turns 5! We cannot believe how quick this time has gone. We are so proud of our boy, he has turned out to be such a well mannered, caring, beautiful boy, who continually makes us laugh. We cannot imagine our lives without him and appreciate everyday we have with him. 

So today we are partying at home instead of school. Hopefully we aren't sending him to school on his birthday next year or there will be tears (from me)!

We celebrated Tyler's 5th birthday with his friends on the weekend, so I hope to share those soon.
Have a great day xx 

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