Friday, July 31, 2009

And the Winner Is..........

All names written, cut, folded and put into this very elaborate raffle bowl.

Here is winner and who might it be?

Congratulations to Lou at Lou@weheartbooks.

Firstly, thankyou to all of you who shared your wonderful 'rainy day' activities. Not only are they helpful ideas but it's also comforting to know that the simple things we do with our children are quite often the most memorable!
I hope Lou doesn't mind sharing her gorgeous 'rainy day' idea:

"My 2 year old loves sticker books at the moment so I always keep a stash in the cupboard for rainy days. I try to find ones were he needs to match the sticker somewhere in the book which has really helped his hand eye coordination and colour and shape recognition. We also love to read - of course!"

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