Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yes There Are Educational Values To Shopping.

I have recently started playing board games with my Little Midgee who is 2 1/2 years, thinking that the concept would be a little tricky. I pulled out this game 'Shopping List' as it was one of my favourites, when I was teaching the Early Years.

A simple game like this has so many educational values, that I get quite excited by watching the learning take place before my eyes. Not only does it encourage conversation but matching illustrations to words, concentration and reading lists and I could go on! The brilliant part about this game, is that it can be played at home or at grandma's with 2 players up to 4 players.

Each player chooses a trolley and a shopping list. Place all of the grocery items face down, taking turns pick one up and see if this picture is on your shopping list (also has the word for beginner readers), place the item on your trolley. The first to fill their trolley is the winner. How easy is that?

Little Midgee loved this game, he talked about the pictures he recognised and matched them with the shopping catalogues after the game, so learning doesn't just stop there. It is a pity that the real shopping experience isn't as easy as this game!

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