Friday, November 25, 2011

All Under $5 Stocking Fillers

It's this time of year that I gather all of the Christmas gifts that I have bought for the children from around the house, some I find easily others take a serious amount of thought. I know you are probably thinking why don't I hide them in the one spot to make it easier for myself. No way! My mother did this, she hid our presents in garbage bags, yes we each had our own special garbage bag and hid them in the linen closet, now some serious thought went into this!

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Of course every year, I would go searching for it, find it, pull out all the presents and when it came to Christmas and they wrapped and labelled 'love Santa' it was a let down. So I have learnt from this and hide them everywhere, see I am very clever. Until it comes to this day when I cannot find them and begin to curse. Mental note to self, write the present and location. Maybe even a treasure map, now that would be cool.

I buy throughout the year, of course they are mostly Midgee Moo toys, I think every order I have opened I hear an "ooooh, I would love one of those, I will have to ask Santa" from the background or should I say from a little head that is stuck halfway in a box. Occasionally I let him keep some of the tried and tested toys but only the little ones. I can't have them too spoilt!! 

This year as I laid out all of the special pressies, way too many big presents, it's amazing what you find and forget. Lucky for me Tyler's birthday is so close to Christmas, his birthday is already done but on the other hand Baxter has to wait for 6 months for his birthday....or does he??

I realised that I needed to add a few more little goodies for the Santa Sacks. Why did I make the Santa sacks so big?? Now I have to fill them, if I hadn't made them myself and personalised them, I would almost be tempted to recreate a smaller version. Who has time for that?

I needed to add a few more little gifts so these gifts from the Under $5 are perfect for last minute, stocking fillers. Go ahead, check them out and don't forget where you hide them!

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