Friday, October 15, 2010

Rattles & Teethers

It is exciting when you see your baby begin to reach for a toy, even though they may not be able to hold it for very long, I just love seeing our little Baxter grab onto his rattles and smile when he discovers it makes a noise when he shakes them.
Baby rattles are a simple toy that are designed to stimulate through sight, touch and sound. Cause and effect is a crucial part of a child's development and they soon realise that there is a relationship between their actions and the results. We have a great range of rattles at Midgee Moo from wooden to fabric and they all make a delightful sound.

Babies also love to put things into their mouths so rattles that also act as teethers are great as they soothe their sore little gums.

 Baxter loves his love his pirate rattle, he happily sucks on the wooden ring while it makes a subtle sound every time it moves, enough to create his natural sense of curiosity.

You will find a huge range of newborn toys on sale this week. I want every baby to enjoy these rattles so find them on sale from $10.95 to now $7.50, get in while they last.

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