Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Travelling Fun

It is almost that time of year when we pack up and visit the relatives for Xmas break. Whether is it the first time for bubs or the fiftieth time for our 3 + olds, we have the products to make this easier and more entertaining.

 These great bags are packed full of assorted items that will engage your child on their journey for hours. There are different journey bags available for ages 3+ and 5+ and the best news is that they are on sale so check them out here .

When children are able to read and play games independently, activity cards are a great way to go. These packs of '100 things for children to do on a journey' occupy children with quizzes, games and puzzles with a special pen and 50 wipe clean sturdy cards that can be used over again. These cards don't have to be restricted to journeys, they are also a great time saver when waiting for appointments too. These are also on sale here.

These are just some of the great products available in the new 'Plane & Car Journey' catergory found at Midgee Moo.

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