Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool Tools!

I have been in one of those moods today, where I like to reorganise my cupboards and drawers. This has been done a least 5 times, since I have moved into our house 2 years ago.

Call me crazy, but I love it and anyone who knows me, is not at all surprised. It's not unusual for my husband to come home and find the whole lounge room rearranged. I must say though,  I don't move the big furniture as much as I'd like these days, now it's mainly the small stuff. 

Every time I get the kitchen utensils drawer I am always tempted to throw out those funny utensils that I never seem to use. I have read that you should put all of your utensils into a box and those utensils that you do not use within a few months should get thrown out. Not a bad idea.

However, there is one utensil that tickles my fancy and I would love to add to my drawer, I think I could justify it, because it's super cool , very practical and it would actually replace a few of my utensils, it is called the Switchit Flex. Made by Chef'n and it's super cool and available in fabulous colours, I favour the green, it matches my beloved Apple Kitchenaid Mixer.

The Switchit is available in a spoon, spreader, slim or all purpose. I love that it is heat resistant, I am forever melting my spatulas after leaving them in pots, now this would never happen again.

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