Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Art Of The Brick

We went to the 'Art Of The Brick' Lego Exhibition on the weekend at Federation Square Melbourne. It was a great exhibition put on by New York artist 'Nathan Sawaya'.

We walked around and admired his work. Even Tyler stood there, taking it all in, asking questions and wanting to know just how many bricks were used in each piece.

This was my favourite, everything here, is made from Lego, down to the paintbrush and the floor.

Tyler's favourite of course!

We then proceeded upstairs to the Make & Play area where we were given challenges. Our first challenge was to get into groups and create the tallest buildings in ten minutes. Quite, a challenge for young children who don't know each other let alone work in groups. It was amazing what little people can achieve when you let them be. It lovely to watch them working together, taking turns, being polite and helping one another.

Children were then given a number of different activities to choose from. Tyler chose to make a racing car and race it down the ramp. Once the challenges began, it was hilarious watching children and their parents together, putting so much effort into their cars, listening to their lego lingo and then racing them down ramps to see which car will go the distance.  This was the highlight of his day (and his dads) , as he got to compete with other children.

It was a great day and Tyler had a grin from ear to ear, throughout the whole day. This made it all worth it.

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