Monday, July 25, 2011

Lego Cake

It was my husband's birthday on Friday, I wanted to make this a special day so what better way then to have a go at recreating Donna Hay's Lego Cake. Actually no, I correct myself, not recreate, I meant have a go at attempting.

Why did I make a Lego cake for an adult? We had planned on seeing the 'Art Of The Brick Wall' exhibition the next day (watch this space) so I thought this cake tied in nicely. So here it is...

I had icing from one end of the kitchen to the other and fought with icing, waiting and praying that a food stylist would walk through the door and help me out. Donna Hay makes it look so easy. I guess that's what happens when she suggest to use a vanilla cake and I make a chocolate one instead.

The birthday boy was shocked to find this brightly coloured Lego cake in the fridge and that was the reaction I wanted. He had a great birthday celebration and we all ate way too much.

Watch this space for tomorrow's blog on the Lego Exhibition.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The cake looks fantastic Hayley. I'll have one for my birthday thanks. Aunty Robyn.


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