Friday, July 22, 2011

Newpaper Hats

We love having little visitors over at Migee Moo. This week we had a gorgeous little friend who to my delight, loves art & craft.

Looking over at the huge newspaper recycling pile, I felt a newspaper project was definately on the cards.

We decided to create Newspaper Sailor's Hats. I loved making these at school during my teaching days an easy, fun activity that gives a chance for children to be artistic.

With a wide range of different papers, off cuts of lace, ribbons, cellophane, streamers, foil, buttons, pom poms, stickers , coloured pasta all set out on paper plates so they are accessible and easy to pack up. We also added textas, crayons and kid friendly pva glue so the buttons didn't fall off.

These boys were serious about decorating their 'pirate hats' which then became 'party hats'.

Time to celebrate their work, how proud are they? I know I was, and I was secretly happy that I got to play teacher again to more than one child!

Have a great weekend.

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