Monday, November 28, 2011

Girls Weekend

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I am sitting here on the couch looking around at the work I need to do but my legs won't move. They are numb. Numb from our girls weekend. 

Everyear, around Chritmas, the girls in our family meet up in Melbourne and have a 'Girls Weekend'. Mind you, it has only been our tradition for the last five but with the amount of fun we have, I am sure it will continue for many more. 

We meet up, shop till we drop, have a swim at the hotel (not me, I am happy to watch by the sidelines) and then get ready to go out some where special for dinner. We have an absolute ball laughing, eating, drinking and not a whole lot sleeping, then to wake up and do it all again until late afternoon then we all go our separate ways and go home. 

It was lovely to be picked up by my boys at the train station, I think my hubby was quite surprised that I was able to bring home so many bags when I had told him I had finished my Christmas shopping and didn't need to buying anything. Oops! It's not my fault those beautiful displays make me buy and need their product. After all it is Christmas.

 It's nice to be home again with the boys, I hope they aren't expecting too much of me today. Now the saving will start again, until our weekend again next year. 

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