Monday, January 16, 2012

Jam And Relish

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and experienced great weather like we did. Our little family was recovering from a nasty case of gastro and so after cooking up a week of bland meals I was ready to get into my cooking. 

A gorgeous friend of mine (you know who you are!) gave me the best apron I have ever seen. It reminded me of my Nonna. She is always cooking in her kitchen, wearing an apron, but still manages to cover herself with flour top to toe. 

So I put on my fabulous new apron and got to work. We had been given a tub full of apricots and after eating as many as we could, I decided to make the rest into jam. Lucky we have 2 apricot jam fans because our jam made us 4 generous bottles.  

The other jars are filled with yummy 'Carmelised Onion and  Balsamic Relish' recipe found here.  I love this relish, great on fresh sourdough bread, spread on a tart with fetta cheese, potato and rosemary. This is a quick and easy light lunch recipe I quite often make. 

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