Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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Hello there! Anyone out there. I know it has been a while since my last post (feels like I am at confession). Anyway a lot has happened here at Midgee Moo. We sold our beautiful house, we built our dream house but soon realised that with two growing boys, they need their space. They need trees to hang off and a big yard to ride their bikes and kick the ball. We want the huge veggie patch and chooks so it was time to sell.

In the mean time while we are looking for that perfect spot, we are looking for a house to rent, not as easy as I thought. With 3 weeks to move out, the clock is ticking and I have only packed 20 boxes and I suspect I have 50 to go.

Our little man has had lots of trips to the hospital lately but now all is well after lots of testing. He is back to being a happy little man, which makes all the difference.

We reached out goal at Midgee Moo with 330 newsletter subscribers and had our huge sale, what a success, we are nearly cleaned out which is great, less packing. So thank you fans and followers for spreading the word.

We will be closing our doors shortly due to the move and reopening again next year year 2012 so get in quick for your last minute bargains. 

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