Monday, March 7, 2011

Bobble Art help with Pre-reading skills

It is so exciting to watch our 4 year old attempt to read. We have quiet time in the afternoons while our bub is asleep.  so Tyler often snuggles in his beanbag and reads to his teddies and it so adorable to watch. I find myself snuggling up too and reading with the teddies ( if I have dinner organised).

Pre-reading is so important to a child's development. When we are reading to our children we don't really realise just how much of a sponge they really are. They are observing the way you read and the behaviours you bring into the book such e.g using different voices. Then the next thing you know, they are turning the book up the right way, reading the book in the right direction, turning pages putting on different voices, asking their audience questions about the pictures and talking about the pictures, wow!

This is so rewarding as a parent, I know that exposing my child to many books, everyday and re-reading his favourites, over and over has definately paid off. I just hope that teddy appreciated the story as much as I did.

Reading books without words are just as important, children can use their gorgeous imaginations to make up their own stories. They know that their story will have characters, a setting, start with a beginning, there may be a problem/solution and finishes with an ending.

We love these magnetic story boards by Bobble Art to encourage these important pre-reading skills. Children will be delighted when they open up the sturdy A3 storyboard and place their magnetic pieces to create their magical scene.

Available in a variety of exciting themes (Paper Doll adventure, pictured) . Each set consists of a superior quality A3 magnetic board and 2 x A4 sheets of push out magnets.

Just remember to enjoy reading, it's not only a great excuse to cuddle up but it also creates wonderful memories and it's these moments that make their brains grow!

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